Learning how to relate to the opposite sex is one of the greatest challenges. Guarding one’s integrity and sexual purity is a great challenge. Marriage involves constant investment, patience, fidelity, sacrifice and perseverance if true, lasting love is to be found. Even the best marriages have their ups and downs and their share of conflicts. At the same time, we should be certain of the immense and irreplaceable value of marriage and family as the place where we come to learn what love is and as the training ground for all of our social relationships. Creating a loving family is never easy, but when we succeed there is no greater feeling of joy and fulfillment.

Index of lesson objectives for books 9-12

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Lessons in Book 10

How Do I Find My Value? (Teacher's Guide)
Who Am I? (Teacher's Guide)
Am I My Own Boss?
Resolving Inner Conflict
Respect in Relationships
Love—The Greatest Value
How We Relate (Teacher's Guide)
Communication Skills
What Do Parents Really Think?
Resolving Conflict and Forgiveness (Teacher's Guide)
Human Sexuality and Integrity (Teacher's Guide)
The Challenge of Purity
Falling in Love, Friendship and Real Love
Broken Relationships
Preparation for Marriage
The Family as the School of Love (Teacher's Guide)

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