The books for students in grades 3 and 4 are full of fairy tales. Some of these fairy tales you may already know, because they have been told all around the world for many years. Others may be brand new to you. Fairy tales teach us that there are consequences of good and bad actions. Our good or bad actions come from what we have in our hearts. In these fairy tales, people who have kind hearts do good things and enjoy the happy consequences.

Index of lesson objectives for books 1 - 4
  1. challenges
  2. character
  3. character education
  4. commitment
  5. compassion
  6. conflict resolution
  7. contentment
  8. cooperation
  9. courage
  10. decision-making
  11. encouragement
  12. filial piety
  13. goals
  14. gratitude
  15. healthy families
  16. healthy lifestyle
  17. integrity
  18. kindness
  19. leadership
  20. life goals
  21. loyalty
  22. marriage
  23. meaningful life
  24. moral education
  25. perseverance
  26. politeness
  27. relationship skills
  28. religion
  29. respect
  30. responsibility
  31. self-awareness
  32. self-improvement
  33. service
  34. sexuality
  35. social awareness
  36. sportsmanship
  37. teamwork
  38. tolerance
  39. trustworthiness

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Lessons in Book 3

The Little Red Hen
Cat in the Corner (Teacher's Guide)
A Piece of Straw
The Crane’s Gratitude
The Lost Ax (Teacher's Guide)
Try, Try Again
The Lost Horse
Be Careful What You Wish For
Stone Soup
The Giant Turnip
The Place of Brotherhood (Teacher's Guide)
The Tiger’s Whisker
Taro, Son of the Dragon
The Owl
Roses and Diamonds, Snakes and Toads
The Princess and the Pea
Out of the Ashes