The kinds of attitudes you have will help determine what choices you make—and attitude itself is a choice. In this book, you will meet several students with “attitudes”—good and bad—and you will see how these attitudes affect their relationships with others and the choices they make in their lives. You will see the results of their attitudes and how some of them are able to change for the better.

Maybe the students in these stories are facing some of the same kinds of situations you are. See what you think of how they handle things, and use these stories—and the questions, exercises, and activities connected to them—to help you do better in facing the world of choices that lies before you.

Index of lesson objectives of books 5 - 8

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Lessons in Book 6
The Voice
An Attitude of Gratitude
Getting off My High Horse
Tommy the Tortoise
Finding My Real Value
Getting Along with Others
Mr. “Perfect”
Respect Me!
The Cramers Get It Right
What’s Precious to Me
My Role in the Family
My Best Friend? (Teacher's Guide)
Far Away Friend
Handling a Hurricane
Quit Picking on Me!
A Good Friend (Teacher's Guide)