These lessons cover a wide range of issues relevant to young adolescents, from changing social relationships and peer pressure problems to the value of loyalty, commitment, and friendship. We talk a great deal about personal character issues, such as courage, integrity, self-discipline, humility, responsibility, honesty, patience, and listening to our consciences. These qualities, of course, all impact our relationships with others. In addition to the points mentioned above, we also address the importance of showing respect for others and being fair in our relationships.

Index of lesson objectives of books 5 - 8

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Lessons in Book 7
Everything's Changing!
Friends and More than Friends
Joey's Dare (Peer Pressure)
Brendan and the Bullies (Teacher's Guide)
Who Am I?
My Inner World (Teacher's Guide)
Going Nowhere Fast
The Dark Horse
Could I Have Been Wrong?
Finding Your Way Home (Teacher's Guide)
Billy Blows It
The Best Policy (Teacher's Guide)
Mike and the Model Airplane
No Fair!
A Loyal Friend?
A New Friend
My Purpose in Life