As a teenager, your life is going through many changes. This book seeks to address some of the issues you may be facing. One major issue that adolescents face is the strong sense of growing independence from their parents. At the same time that they are becoming more and more able to do things on their own, adolescents still need the guidance and protection of the adults who care about them. Relationships with family—as opposed to relationships with friends and the desire for more independence—are explored.

Index of lesson objectives of books 5 - 8

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Lessons in Book 8

Pablo's Choice
Family or Friends? (Teacher's Guide)
“I Hate You, Mom and Dad!"
Dangerous Attraction
Saying "No"
Opposites Attract
The Drive (Teacher's Guide)
A Life Changes
The Loser
Who's the Loser Now?
The Gift (Teacher's Guide)
I Belong to a Community
Civic Duty
Resolving Conflicts
The World Around Us (Teacher's Guide)