Michelangelo's famous statue of David (a biblical hero and king) is considered one of the greatest works of art in the world. When people asked Michelangelo how he made his beautiful masterpiece, Michelangelo said he took a huge piece of marble and chipped away all the parts that did not look like David. He made the marble resemble the image in his mind and created one of the world's finest works of art.

If we are going to create something wonderful, we must have a good image in our minds of what it will look like first. If you want to make your life a work of art (or even just satisfying and worthwhile) you need to develop a clear vision of the kind of person you would like to be and how you can become like that. You are the artist of your own life. This book is designed to help you develop a good vision for your life and show you how to make that vision come true.

Index of lesson objectives for books 9-12

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Lessons in Book 9
What Kind of Person Will I Be?
Do You Want to Be Happy?
Who Am I?
Masculinity and Femininity
Order and Harmony
My Purpose in Life (Teacher's guide)
The Process of Growth
Human Nature
Conscience (Teacher's guide)
Why We Don't Want to Change
Good and Bad
Freedom and Responsibility
The Teenage Years
Peer Pressure: Smoking, Drinking and Drugs (Teacher's Guide)
The Value of Life