Children 12 and under

+Babe - kindness, determination, humility, cooperation
Bambi - mother/son love, friendship, courage, growing from loss
+A Bug's Life - friendship, courage, team-work, caring, responsibility
+Charlotte's Web - compassion, humility, friendship
A Christmas Carol - perseverance, redemption, family
Finding Nemo - father/son relationship
Hachi: A Dog's Tale - loyalty
+Horton Hears a Who! - friendship, courage, responsibility, caring
*The Incredibles - community service, doing good, courage, value of family love and togetherness
+The Lion King - ambition, friendship, trustworthiness, redemption
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - humility, acceptance of others, kindness
+The Sound of Music - trustworthiness, caring, courage
+The Wizard of Oz - friendship, trustworthiness, caring
+The Yearling - responsibility, caring

Young people over 13

Amazing Grace - transformation
+Apollo 13- exploration, heroism, maintaining composure under pressure, overcoming adversity
Ben Hur - family and cultural loyalty, faith, courage, forgiveness
+Casablanca - romantic relationships, responsibility, caring, citizenship
+Cast Away - endurance through trials, perseverance, love
+Chariots of Fire - sportsmanship, trustworthiness
+The Chosen - father/son relationship, respect, friendship
+The Crucible - justice, trustworthiness, fairness
Diary of Anne Frank - courage, responsibility, respect
+Field of Dreams - trustworthiness, reconciliation, father/son relationship
Forrest Gump - innocence, virtue
+Gallipoli - courage, friendship, trustworthiness
+Gandhi - trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship
+Ghosts of Mississippi - courage, justice, responsibility, citizenship
Groundhog Day - rising above self-absorption, redemption, empathy
+Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - family relationships, respect
The Hiding Place - heroism, sacrificial love
+Hotel Rwanda - responsibility, courage, citizenship
+It's a Wonderful Life - loyalty, family love, friendship, dedication, hard work, the impact of one person's life
+The Joy Luck Club - mother/daughter relationship, surviving, caring
+Judgment at Nuremberg - justice, respect, responsibility
+Kundun - trustworthiness
Last of the Mohicans - bravery, personal loyalty, self-sacrifice
+Lord of the Flies - peer pressure, survival, responsibility
Lord of the Rings - loyalty, determination, overcoming fear, endurance, bravery, self-sacrifice, resisting evil
+A Man for All Seasons - courage, trustworthiness
+March of the Penguins - endurance, self-sacrifice, courage
+Les Miserables - redemption, fairness, caring
The Mission - forgiveness
+Mr. Holland's Opus - responsibility, caring, respect, father/son relationship, reconciliation
+The Old Man and the Sea - friendship, trustworthiness, caring
+The Outsiders - courage, friendship, peer pressure, respect, caring
+Pay It Forward - mother/child relationships, caring, citizenship, reconciliation
The Pursuit of Happyness - father/son relationship
+Red Badge of Courage - redemption, responsibility
+The Right Stuff - teamwork, friendship, courage
+Eleanor Roosevelt - leadership, caring, citizenship
The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn - value of hard work, perseverance, unwillingness to compromise, beauty of simple living
+Spartacus - courage
+A Tale of Two Cities - redemption, caring
To Kill a Mockingbird - courage, justice, respect, acceptance, self-sacrifice, family, father/child relationship
A Walk to Remember - endurance, faith, passion for life, personal growth
The Ultimate Gift - personal growth, faith, self-sacrifice, true friendship

Older teens (R-rated movies)

Amistad- courage, justice, respect, caring
Braveheart - courage, seeking your purpose and fulfilling it, ultimate unselfishness
Saving Private Ryan - empathy, heroism
+Schindler's List - courage, self-sacrifice, doing good, recognizing evil

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